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Hemp for Dogs & Its Main Benefits

The big question is that, why is hemp becoming one of the most important trends in dog health? Is it because of its incredible health benefits? We have plenty of info on how CBD is beneficial to your dog. Firstly, let us understand what Hemp is all about and the source. Hemp seeds used in […]


Introduction CO2 extraction methods are most commonly used by full-spectrum oil producers, such as cbdMD. Full-spectrum oil means that as many cannabinoids and terpenes are stored as possible so that the consumer can make the most of their final experience. Using a combination of temperature and pressure, manufacturers avoid using chemical solvents, and the final […]

Serenity Hemp Oil For Dogs Review

Serenity Hemp Oil for Pets Review Bottom Line Hemp has become more popular over recent times – you will find it used in array of products, for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. People using hemp products to treat skin conditions, alleviate depression and help them to get to sleep at night (beats counting sheep), and […]

Does CBD Really Help With Sciatica?

Does CBD Really Help With Sciatica? Sciatica is a pain in the butt. Literally! People who suffer this debilitating condition experience shooting pain in the buttocks, legs and feet that can force them to the sidelines of life. CBD oil has been shown to be effective in treating a wide array of health problems. Can […]

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits And Uses For The Skin

HEMP OIL FOR SKIN Overview Hemp seed oil often called “Hemp oil” which is harvested with cold pressed hemp seeds. Hemp oil is often not refined and it is a light green oil and may have a nutty taste. It differs from Cannabidiol Oil (CBD), an extract of the cannabis plant that uses flowers and […]


As the growing CBD industry continues to expand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many consumers to distinguish high-quality CBD based products from cheaper grades. Joy Organics, pledged to solve this problem. Well, just how are they doing that? Raising the level of transparency and quality of the CBD extract. With Joy Organics, you do […]

A Look At Chemurgy Movement In History

Hemp Jeans – The Original Jean The original, heavy-duty, famous pants that Levi’s were fashioned after, were made for the California ‘49ers out of hempen sailcloth and rivets.  The inclusion of hemp and rivets ensured the pockets wouldn’t rip when filled with gold panned from the sediment.   Homespun cloth was almost always spun, by […]

Why Was Hemp Made illegal In 1937? A Closer Look At Prohibiton

Why Was Hemp Made Illegal In 1937?  The Corporate Conspiracy In the mid-1930s, when the new mechanical hemp fiber stripping machines and machines to conserve hemp’s high-cellulose pulp finally became state-of-the-art, available and affordable, the enormous timber and acreage and businesses of the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division, Kimberly Clark (USA), St. Regis – and virtually […]