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Building A Better Medical Program In Pennsylvania, One Flower At A Time

As a longtime Pennsylvanian, I have gotten used to the slow drudge of progress and the archaic mindset of our policymakers in this state. With that said, we did manage to pass a Medical Marijuana Law two years ago this month, though the law became a skeleton of its robust beginnings. Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act … Continue reading »

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Poll: Nearly Six In Ten Voters Say Legalizing Marijuana “Makes Societies Better”

Nearly six in ten voters ages 18 and older believe that “legalizing marijuana makes societies better,” according to the results of a recently published Harvard-Harris poll. Fifty-seven percent of respondents answered the question affirmatively. Forty-three percent of respondents said that marijuana legalization makes societies “worse.” Only 14 percent of poll respondents believe that cannabis should … Continue reading »

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Oregon: Legislation Pending to Better Protect Consumer’s Privacy

Legislation is pending in the Senate, SB 863, to limit the federal government from acquiring data regarding adults and patients who legally purchase marijuana under state law. The emergency legislation, which would take immediate effect, mandates that retailers and dispensaries do not maintain customers’ purchase and/or personal identification records beyond 48 hours. Sponsors of the … Continue reading »

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