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Marijuana is a Medicine, Not a Menace

I am delighted to report that more and more government officials are promoting sanity in pot laws. Cannabis crosses political parties and generational lines. Good weed gets you high whether you think the last attorney general, Jeff Sessions, was a Neanderthal or you think Beto O’Rourke should be the next Democratic presidential candidate, which I … Continue reading »

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Beware of this frightful marijuana menace!

It’s time exorcise this demon! It’s not the myth of “marijuana-laced candy,” devilish ghouls, or vampire bats that are terrifying Americans this Halloween. It’s Jeff Sessions. This monster wants to lock up law abiding citizens who choose to responsibly consume marijuana. This fiendish freak shrieks “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” This reefer madness zombie believes … Continue reading »

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