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Tagged With: Rights

NORML Weighs In For Personal Cultivation Rights In Washington State

On Wednesday, NORML and Washington NORML both submitted public comment to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) in support of the regulatory body drafting model legislation to allow the lawful home cultivation of marijuana for personal use. You can review the comprehensive assessment and recommendations made by Washington NORML’s Legislative Associate Bailey Hirschburg¬†and … Continue reading »

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Two Major Victories For Student Rights In Federal Courts

Dan Viets speaking at a NORML conference Federal courts have recently rejected the actions of university and college administrators who sought to inflict suspicionless drug tests on students at a public college and to restrict the First Amendment rights of marijuana law reformers at a public university.¬† Both decisions have important national implications. Linn Tech … Continue reading »

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Federal: Congress to Consider Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act of 2015

Congresswoman Diana Degette (D-CO) has reintroduced legislation, H.R. 3629, the Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act of 2015, to amend the Controlled Substances Act in a manner that allows marijuana-related businesses and consumers in states that have legalized marijuana to be safe from federal interference.  According to a 2015 nationwide Pew Research poll, 59 percent … Continue reading »

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Appeals Court: State-Sanctioned Marijuana Users Not Afforded Second Amendment Rights

Justices for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled in favor of a 1968 federal law prohibiting the sale of firearms to any “unlawful user” of a federally controlled substance. Justices determined that state-registered medical marijuana patients are forbidden from purchasing firearms because cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I substance under federal law. … Continue reading »

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