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Michigan Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Proposition 1 Legalizing the Retail Sale of Marijuana For Adults

With the approval of voter-initiated Proposal 1, Michigan has become the 10th state to legalize the possession and use of marijuana for adults. NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said,  “Voters in Michigan sent a resounding rebuke to their state’s failed policy of prohibition and elected to follow a new, more sensible path of regulation and … Continue reading »

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Vermont: Legislation Pending to Tax and Regulate the Sale of Marijuana

Rep. Samuel Young has introduced H. 490 to regulate the commercial and retail marijuana market. H. 490 establishes a regulated system whereby adults may legally obtain marijuana from state-licensed retail providers and sellers. Statewide polling reports that a majority of Vermont voters support legalizing and regulating marijuana. According to a RAND Corporation study, regulating the commercial … Continue reading »

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Oregon: Governor Signs Measure Allowing Retail Sale of Marijuana Extracts and Edibles

Governor Kate Brown has signed legislation, Senate Bill 1511, allowing adults 21 and older to immediately become eligible to purchase marijuana extracts and marijuana infused edibles from Oregon dispensaries.  In 2014, residents in Oregon voted to legalize the adult use and retail sale of herbal marijuana. Senate Bill 1511 legally permits adults to also purchase … Continue reading »

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