The Road to Mastering the Marijuana Business

I lived in Colorado from 1998 until 2008, a full 10 years of mountain-dwelling amongst the Rocky Mountain ‘high’ experience. Back in those days, marijuana wasn’t legal, and everyone was using it. It became somewhat of a thing on April 20–commonly referred to as 420–where the vast majority of the Boulder and Denver population convened on the University of Colorado stadium grounds and lit up one joint after another. 

 I never partook in those festivities, mainly because I was running my own wellness and nutrition consulting business and dealing with clients suffering from joint pain, muscle fatigue, aversions to specific diets, and even those who were recovering from a bout with cancer. If I had known then what I know now, I would have absolutely recommended these once-physically fit people to invest in medical marijuana to alleviate their discomfort. Since Colorado has allowed pot usage since 2012, stricter laws are in place for those wishing to obtain their own licensed medical marijuana business.

Master Grower Certification

How Can You Become a Legal Marijuana Grower

 Getting a Colorado marijuana business license boils down to an understanding of the laws of the cannabis industry and whether or not you meet the requirements. There are three factors you must meet to become a licensed pot grower. First, you’re required to complete a Marijuana License Business Application through the Colorado State Licensing Authority. 

 Depending on the type of business you plan to run–either medical marijuana, retail, or industrial hemp products–it’s imperative that everyone involved pass a criminal background check. Having a clean history isn’t the only requirement needed. Any employee of a marijuana business must not be affiliated by any state or local authority position, for instance, being a police officer. 

 You must also be 21 years of age, free and clear from any convictions involving controlled substances within 10 years, a Colorado resident for at least two years. If ever serving time for substance abuse, you must have five years of a full release from any other felony convictions. Before beginning the application process to become a licensed grower, please make sure you have all of these mandatory requirements sorted out; otherwise, the Colorado Licensing Authority will ding you as they perform background checks on everyone.

 So, step by step, here are the facts to becoming a certified legal marijuana grower in Colorado:

  1.  Complete all relevant applications
  2. Pay required fees that accompany these applications.
  3. Make an appointment with the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado.
  4. Once an appointment has been set, bring along copies of all documentation, every business owner (part-time individuals included), and your personal identification for all applicants listed.
  5. After approval, business owners will be fingerprinted and then have to pay the Colorado application licensing fee, along with the Local Authority Application fee. 

 Whether you’re choosing to go by way of the retail marijuana business, or growing medical marijuana, or registering for an industrial hemp license, the key is to do your homework. Each section of attaining a grower certification for business or personal usage lies at the feet of specific divisions within Colorado law. Zoning, cultivation and harvest, and the entire growing process of the cannabis industry have rules and regulations. 

 In fact, depending on the type of growing certificate you’re applying for, there are legal hoops to jump through that can make your marijuana business much more enjoyable. Before you get started and plan to grow cannabis, ensure you know these rules to avoid any complications down the road.

Cannabis leaf with money

Wrapping Up

 Even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, rules do still apply. If you take action and do your due diligence with respect to planning and following all of the application guidelines, then your road to becoming a Master Marijuana grower in Colorado just became easier. Having a specific skillset and knowledgeable background of growing marijuana while also being privy to the ever-changing rules around the cannabis industry, you might be able to take your product to market and have a very profitable business.

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